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ZTS/ZTA : Digital Force Gauges +/-2, ..., 5000 N

Digital Force Gauges for determination of compression and tension forces. 
2 operation modes: real time and peak force. 
Capacities : +/-2 N, ...,  5000 N. 
Accuracy : 0.2% FS. 
Sampling rate of 2000 times/sec. 
Storage of 1000 values. 
Display update time 10 times/sec.
Output signal : RS 232 C, USB, ±2V DC, Mitutoyo Digimatic. 
Manufacturers calibration report included. 
Full set of accessories included


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Digital force gauge for determination of compression and tension forces, usable for numerous applications in a lot of sectors of industry, which need a fast measuring frequency. High quality unit with interface (RS 232, USB, analog and Digimatic) and memory.
Force measuring device with extremly high sampling rate of 2000 times/sec for fast acquisition of peak values. Programmable high/low set-points for go/no-go testing: with color-coded LED display: underrun (-NG) - good (OK) - exceeding (+NG) and relais outputs. 
      • Display can be reversed for inverted use; e. g. on vertical test stand.  
        • Storage of 1000 values, which can be recalled: on the display, data transfer to a PC, for printing with report. 
        • Operates on rechargeable battery and/or AC adapter.  Full set of accessories included.

        • Additional functions in comparison to standard unit ZTS :

        1. Force-displacement measurement: In combination with a test stand with linear scale force-displacement measurements are possible.
        2. Memory: Readings can be transfered from the internal memory to an USB flash drive or directly saved on it (sampling rate 100 times/sec)
        3. High low output: 2 high/low output values can be set; If the reading reaches one of the output values, data will be sent to external devices (e.g. PC, printer) for data recording.
        4. Extended peak mode: Indication of two peak values per measurement.


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