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SM-LVDT-SP: Micro-miniature spring-loaded LVDT


  • Micro-miniature spring-loaded LVDT  designed for high resolution position measurement in tight places (2.3 mm Diameter). 
    Measuring range: +/-
     1, 2.5, 5mm. 
  • Input voltage: 2.3 Vrms max
  • Linearity deviation error: 2%. 
  • Input Frequency: 5 kHz (nominal)
  • Protection against electromagnetic and electrostatic shielding. 


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This micro-miniature SM-LVDT-SP is designed for high resolution position measurement in tight places. It is layer wound on metal coil-form provides excellent stability, while ferromagnetic housing takes care of the electromagnetic and electrostatic shielding.
With his 2.3 mm Diameter, frequently use in several applications. 


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