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PSH : High capacity Mechanical force gauge

Simple, rugged, virtually maintenance free. 
Retains a high degree of accuracy for extended periods. 
Ergonomic, heavy-duty metal construction. 
No batteries needed. 
Intrinsically safe in hazardous environments. 
Tare ring. 
Real time and peak mode. 
Full set of accessories and carrying case included. 
certificate of calibration traceable to NIST.


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The PSH series mechanical force gauge is designed for high capacity measurements from 200 lbf up to 500 lbf (300 kgf). The rugged metal housing and heavy duty springs will withstand the harsh rugged environment of a manufacturing plant, yet the highly accurate, matched springs will ensure reliable results and retain their accuracy over long periods. The tare ring allows you to zero the gauge and compensate for measuring attachments and changes in measuring position. The real time/peak hold selector switch enables you to observe transients or capture peaks. PSH force gauges are available in pounds, kilograms and Newtons. No batteries are needed and the unit is intrinsically safe in hazardous environments.


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