LAU220: Pedal Force Load Cell

  • Pedal Force Sensor. 
  • Capacities : 50, 100, 300 Lb. 
  • Rated output : 2 mV/V. 
  • Non Linearity : 0.2%. 
    Material : Stainless steel. 
    Teflon Cable output. 


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LAU220 Pedal Force Load Cell has become one of the most common and trusted products in the Automotive Industry. From its 17-4PH Stainless Steel one piece construction, to its low profile design (Off-center loading error of <1%), the LAU220 Pedal Force Load Cell offers a great measurement system with impressive tolerances. This unit comes with a removable mounting plate, custom built strain relief, spike resistant, and a machined slip-resistant top surface. 



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