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LBB300: Bending Beam Load Cell - 0.5 ... 1 Lb


  • Bending Beam Load Cell. 
  • Capacities : 0.5, 1 Lb. 
  • Rated output : 2 mV/V. 
  • Non Linearity : 0.05%. 


More info

The LBB300 Bending Beam Load Cell offers an unique solution and slim design making it ideal for OEM applications. Utilized in Compression, the Bending Beam Load Cell can be used to measure force, surface pressure and displacement for OEM Applications. With its miniature size, the Bending Beam Load Cell is a great selection for tight environments. The LBB300 Bending Beam Load Cell is offered in Stainless Steel and has a shielded PVC cable.



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