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CSG110 : Signal Conditioner Amplifier


      • Signal Conditioner Amplifier for strain gage load cells, torque sensors, pressure transmitter. 
      • Output  ±10V or 0/4 – 20 mA. 
      • High accuracy
      • Shunt Calibration with External Button
      • Power supply: 14 to 26 VDC
      • Bandwidth : 1 KHz, 10 KHz., 25 KHz.

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The CSG110 is a General Purpose Amplifier solution for in-line amplification of any full bridge strain gauge type sensor with mV/V range output to provide VDC and/or Current output with built-in regulated bridge excitation source. The standard CSG110 is offered in a plastic housing, a mating DB9 female connector for power output side and DB9 Male connector for sensor side offering a wide range power supply at 14 to 26 VDC. 


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