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SM-NA: Miniature Inclinometer 0-5V output signal

  • Inclinometers with integrated 0-5V signal conditioner for inclination measurement. 
    Measuring range ±5, ±10, ±30, ±45, ±70°. 
  • Resolution < 0.01 %. 
  • Degree of protection  IP 65. 
  • High long-term stability. 
  • High accuracy and signal-to-noise.


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The capacitive, dielectric liquid based inclinometers SM-NA contain new sensor electronics. These are made up of a highly stable, laser-trimmed signal conditioner with electronic compensation for temperature drift, highly stable supply voltage regulation circuitry and low-pass filtering of the measurement signal to eliminate unwanted noise.

The capacitive measurement principle guarantees a very stable, linear relationship between the inclination being measured and the normalised output signal. The sensor electronics require minimal power and, together with the capacitive primary transformer, are characterised by low errors, high signal-to-noise ratio and high long-term stability.



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