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1006: Single-Point Load Cell - From 0 to 2,..., 5 Kg

High Precision Single-Point Load Cell for 200 x 200 mm platform. 
Measuring Range: 0, 2, 3, 5 Kg. 
Material: Aluminium. 
Accuracy: 3000 points. 
Environmental protection: IP66. 
Cable output: 0.4m. 


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Model 1006 is a very low capacity, high precision singlepoint load cell designed for direct mounting in low capacity scales.
This load cell is suitable for applications including postal scales, counting scales, general-purpose weighing scales and is also suitable for a wide variety of force measurement applications, such as industrial process control or specialist medical devices.
Model 1006 offers very high performance from a very small size. It is very easy to use, and easy to apply in a wide variety of applications, where the acting center of force application is within 100 mm of the load cell vertical axis.



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