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Industrial Wire Tension Measurement

How it Works
  1. Utilizing FUTEK's LCM Series Miniature Threaded In Line Load Cell coupled with rod end bearings, provides any cable manufacturer with a high-endurance feedback solution.

  2. Due to its compact size, the LCM Series integrates easily into various cable tension applications.

  3. As the operator or manufacturer performs this particular cable tension test, results can then be displayed on various instruments or amplified utilizing an IAA Series Analog Amplifier.

  4. The analog output of the sensor can be taken to either of FUTEK's digital displays - the IHH500 Intelligent Digital Hand Held Display or IPM650 Panel Mount Display - or digitally streamed to FUTEK's USB  Solution.

  5. Pairing any of these instruments with FUTEK’s SENSIT™ Test and Measurement Software allows the collection of all the results.