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Multi-Axis Accelerometer

Sensel Measurement commercializes and designs a large range of Multil axis accelerometers intended for a lot of applications. We offer a large range of measurement from ±1g to ±100g, with linearity below 0.2% of the measurement range. The housing cases include up to 3 single axis sensors from the SM-B and SM-BDK series. They are built up on request, allowing you to choice and calibrate the outgoing signal (0...5V, 4...20 mA) according to the capacity needed by your application.

Active filters

  • Pressure die cast aluminium sensor housing, 3-axis accelerometer (SM-B & SM-N series), for measuring accelerations. 
    Output signal 4-20mA. 
    Degree of Protection IP 65. 
  • Sensor and signal conditioner electrically isolated from housing. 
  • Temperature drift compensation. 
  • Insensitive of interference frequencies. 
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