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Attachments and Accessories

We have various types of attachments to offer many force testing applications :

Compression Testers, Wire Crimp Testers, Food Testers, Peel Testers, Puncture Testers, Push Pull Testers, Spring Testers, Strength Tester, 
COF Testers.

You can perform your best force measurement by using a force tester composed of IMADA force gauges , test stands and attachments.

In addition, we can create your original attachment according to your needs such as changing fixture size,  creating unique shape fixture, ...
Attachments and Accessories for tests stand and dynamometers

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Designed for puncture strength testing of thin samples including film, PET bottles and aluminum.

Capacities : 20N, 250N

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3-Point Bend attachment for flexural, rigid, semi-rigid, snapping properties: for ceramics, glasses, composites, plastics, metals, or any sheet and round bar form materials.
Interchangeable Loading Pins and adjustable bending span caters for wider range of measurement requirements.

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Allows pressure tests on heat-sealed packaging or flexible bags.

- PR-500N (110 Lb capacity)
- PR-2500N (550 Lb capacity)

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Designed to secure wire/cable terminal easily and quickly - Perfect for horizontal test setups, this spring loaded wire grip opens to 6mm with a bottom panel to prevent wire from slipping through grip. 

  • Capacity : 110 lbf 
  • Maximum hole of 6mm
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Designed for tensile strength test of crimped terminal. Rotate the wheel to simply set samples of different sizes

  • FW-12 : Numbers of slits (pins) 12, Capacity 220 lbf
  • PW-4 : Numbers of slits (pins) 3, Capacity 220 lb
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Urethane finger simulates the size and feel of a finger. Not suitable for touch screens.
- 11 Lb capacity
- 16mm diameter

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Wind and hold line samples such as string and wire. The applied force on the sample is spread due to the winding

hold. It helps to prevent sample from breaking.

GC-30 : 500 N (110 lbf) capacity, Measurable line diameter 1mm;

WC-2000 : 2000 (440 lbf) capacity, Measurable line diameter 2 mm.

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Ideal for tension testing of wire-type samples with winding mechanism.

- 250N capacity (WG-250N)
- 1000N capacity (WG-1000N)
- 5000N capacity (WG-5000N)

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Large Flat Heads are used for a wide array of applications including, but not limited to: compression spring testing, top load testing, crushing strength test of tablets.

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The Rotary Peeler is an aluminum wheel which mounts on a test stand for rotary peel applications.

- 1.125″ Wide
- 6″ Diameter

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Useful to bond a sample at a regular pressure in peel test, so that you can measure peel force more precisely.
- ASTM D3330 Peel Test Roller
- 1.77″ (45 mm) Wide
- 3.81″ (97 mm) Diameter

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The T-Slot Table allows users to easily adjust the position of gripping fixtures at the bottom of a test stand. Ideal for conducting many types of tests on a single test stand.
- TS-5000N (1100 Lb capacity)
- Travel on X: 150mm
- Travel on Y: +/- 15mm

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90 Degree Peel Table is bearing mounted and slides to maintain angle in peel tests.
- Capacity 44 Lb  / 200 N
- Sample length: 155mm
- Sample width: 80mm

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The 45 degree peel fixture mounts to the bottom of an Imada test stand and securely holds cups and maintains a fixed 45 degree peel angle during testing.
- capacity 50 N
- Sample height: 10 to 90mm
- Sample diameter: 20-140mm

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– Combining XY-table with a test stand, a sample can be finely aligned in center.
– You can move the table every 0.8mm to align
- 110 Lb capacity for tension
- 220 Lb capacity for compression
- Travel on X, y: +/- 30mm

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Fixture that can be mounted on a test stand to hold and fix samples.
Self centering vice grip.
Able to fix even round shape sample due to its V-groove.

- Opening width : 68 mm

- GTW-50R  Knob/both side movable type - capacité 500N

- GTW-50L  Lever/both side movable type - capacité 1000N

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Spring-loaded wire wedge grip automatically grips a wire sample at a consistent gripping force. The wedge design tightens the jaws as the wire is pulled.

- Opening wide: 5 mm
- Capacity 500N

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This spring-loaded wedge grip is ideal for tensile measurements of thick materials.

- KC-100 (110 Lb capacity, Jaw opening 3mm.)
- KC-1001 (220 Lb capacity, Jaw opening 2mm.)
- KC-5000 (1100 Lb capacity, Jaw opening 5mm.)

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High Capacity Pincer Wedge Grips are all purpose, spring-loaded, serrated jaw grips for tensile testing. High capacity pincer jaws have a capacity of 550 Lb and an M10 mounting thread.

- PGC-2530 (capacité 550 Lb)
- Largeur de mâchoire: 30 mm
- Largeur d'ouverture: 0-15 mm

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Narrow Pincer Wedge Grips are all purpose, spring-loaded, serrated jaw grips for tensile testing. Narrow pincer jaws can grip smaller items than standard wedge grips.

- PGC-0505 (110 lbf capacity)
- Jaw face width: 5 mm
- Opening width: 0-20 mm

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Pincer design allows the jaws to open wider than standard wedge grips.

- PGC-0510 (110 Lb capacity)
- Jaw face width: 10mm
- Opening width: 0-15mm

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The roller cam grip mounts to a force gauge and features a cam design which grips wire and elastomers up to 4.5mm.

- GP-15
- 50 Lb Capacity

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These attachements are ideal for quick tensile testing of a thin sample material. When tensile force is increased, Cam design tightens.

- GR-30 (for samples up to 30mm wide and 2mm thick) 110 Lb capacity
- GR-2000 (for samples up to 50mm wide and 4mm thick) 440 Lb capacity

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Check up to 2 AWG with these test mounts. The top mount accommodates 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 mm diameters ferrule terminals. The lower fixture can accommodate wire up to 30 mm diameter.

- CH-5000N Wire crimp terminal grip (6-12mm diameter)

- CW-5000N Wire fixture table (30mm diameter)

1100 lbf capacity

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Tape grips with a self-tightening “buckle-type” mechanism. This design ensures slip free operation during testing.

- TG-30 (30mm wide)
- TG-50 (50mm wide)
- 110 Lb capacity

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Heavy duty flat chucks, square serrated face. Different sizes available. Ideal for pulling thin, flat objects.

- GC-1100 (10mm open, 220 Lb capacity, M6 thd)
- GC-1200 (20mm open, 220 Lb capacity, M6 thd)
- GC-5000 (30mm open, 1100 Lb capacity, M10 thd)

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-FC-20 (20mm wide)
- FC-21U (with urethane teeth)
- FC-40 (40mm wide)
- 110 Lb capacity

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Pin grip accommodates small diameter wires, filaments or needles. Reversible collet can accommodate samples up 3.2mm in diameter.

- CP-150N (0-3.2mm diameter)
- 22 Lb capacity

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To check the hardness of clay-like materials, the burst strength of plastic coverings, and others, use the penetrating Pin

- PG-2 (2 mm)
- PG-3 (3 mm)
- PG-4 (4 mm)
- PG-5 (5 mm)
- 44 Lb Capacity

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For low force tensile tests of wires within a confined space, Fine Point Chucks are ideal. The jaws have a maximum opening width of 0.5mm.

- FP-50 (0.5mm open)
- 22 Lb capacity

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To conduct pull tests on small wires, fibers or other small components, use small chucks. Use the thumbscrew to tighten the serrated jaws. Jaws open up to 1 mm. For smaller samples use fine point chucks

- SC-3 (3mm wide, 22 Lb capacity)

- SC-8 (8mm wide, 35 Lb capacity)

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